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The wage management is not always an automatic process.
Assopaghe provides the companies with a long experience as far as the right to work and advanced management systems are concerned to guarantee a pay slips processing service which provides also contingent personalization of service.

In particular the pay slips processing includes:

• Compilation of the forms for the pension contribution payment, withholding taxes and Fondo Servizi Sociali payment;
• Print of the general summary of the employees’ wages;
• Print of the general summary of the employees’ wages distinct for position;
• Print of the update of the vacation situation;
• Print of absences situation;
• Print of CSU deposit slip;
• Print of the salary credit forms on the single current accounts;
• Checks Printing;
• Print of the monthly situation about overtime;
Besides the monthly operations, Assopaghe does at the end of the year:

• Summary print of the T.F.R. (severance pay) situation;
• Print of the “G” model Universal Income Tax (Italian IGR);
• Print of the “A” and “D” framework of the “O” model Universal Income Tax (Italian IGR);
Contingent personalization:

• summarizing accounts of the employees’ wages;
• accounts for different partitions;
• annual projections of the labor cost;
• further specific analysis of the compensations.
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