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The history

The history of the manufacturing industry in San Marino coincides, in practice, with the end of the World War Second. Although neutral, also the Republic of San Marino recovered wearily from the war. During the rebuilding, the economy of the Republic began in the Mid-40s  its own transformation from rural to productive.  It is no coincidence that the history of the National Association of San Marino Industry started indeed in 1945, to be more precise on 18th November.

The reports and documents of the time mention properly on that day the foundation of the Association of Industrialists and Artisans, to which adhered twenty-five industrial entrepreneurs and seventeen artisans.

Over the years the Sammarinese Industry has evolved considerably, as the impact of the manufacturing sector and of the services in the composition of GNP has become increasingly significant.

Anis has played a leading role in the growth of San Marino economy and has grown with it, and today the Association represents around three hundred member companies and about six thousand employees.
A.N.I.S. Associazione Nazionale Industria San Marino

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