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Relations with the Institutions

The National Association of San Marino Industry is a privileged interlocutor of the Government and of the various State Secretariats in facing all the economic or business world issues, both in a proactive and consultative way.

Its active participation and its contribution in terms of proposals and ideas are always aimed at the questing for development hypotheses  addressed to the economic growth and social progress of the country.

Anis, therefore, represents and protects the industrial sector in its economic and productive development, promotes the adoption of economic policies and processes for modernizing the country proper to allow a competitive environment to all businesses.
A.N.I.S. Associazione Nazionale Industria San Marino

Piazzetta Bramante Lazzari, 2
47890 San Marino (Repubblica di San Marino)
Tel. +39 0549/873911
Fax +39 0549/992832
E-mail: anis@anis.sm
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