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San Marino (SM), the most ancient Republic of the world which was founded on the 3rd September 301, is an enclave in Italy, on the border between the regioni of Emilia Romagna and Marche; it is about 15 km from the A-14 motorway toll booth South Rimini and it is about 20 km from the International Airport Federico Fellini in Miramare. Its size is just over 61 km2 (24 sq. mi) with an estimated population of about 32.600.

Monte Titano is situated at 749 m (2,457 ft) above sea level. San Marino has no flat ground; it is entirely composed of hilly terrain.
The climate is Mediterranean with continental influences, having warm summers and cool winters.
Wine and olive growing offers guaranteed products, certified by the Consortium Land of San Marino.
Health and hospital care is good quality and is agreed upon the best Italian and international hospitals.
San Marino education follows the Continental European pattern of formal study. Primary education is obligatory, including elementary school and lower secondary school. The Republic counts 15 primary schools, 2 high junior schools, a high school (with 4 different classes) and a Centre for Vocational Training. The Republic of San Marino has 1 major university.
Social services are developed enough: kindergartens, school and inter-enterprise canteens for all the workers.
The workforce is composed of 21.706 individuals, of whom 18.442 are employees and 1.890 are self-employed workers.
In the private sectors the employed people are 14.528 while in the public sector the employees are 3.914. The unemployment rate, equal to 8.36 %, is, despite the economic crisis, still below the European average.
The enterprises are 5.104 in total, of which 2.756 are established according to a company form, placed in the different economic sectors. The manufacturing industries work in various commodities sectors: metal mechanics, chemical/pharmaceutical sector, paper, wood and furniture, clothing, information technology and services. The GDP is about 1.360 million euro, according to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the manufacturing industry drives the Sammarinese economy representing the 33,3 % of GDP. 
Tourists visiting the Republic of San Marino are approximately 2 million every year.
A.N.I.S. Associazione Nazionale Industria San Marino

Piazzetta Bramante Lazzari, 2
47890 San Marino (Repubblica di San Marino)
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