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Environment, Safety and Health Monitoring

Workplace safety and environment issues, with the related regulations that are continuing to evolve, require specific expertise and professionalism, which Assoservizi has been making available for years also through qualified experts.
The main services to offer:
• Drafting risk assessment report;
• RSPP (person in charge of protection and prevention  service);
• RLS training (Employees Representative for Safety);
• ADR expert advice for firms that move or process parts of the earth's, that transport, load and unload dangerous goods;
• Information and documentation about the national established regulation related to the industrial waste management;
• Assistance for requesting the authorization for the production start-up;
• Assistance for the wastewater sewage treatment, for air emissions management and for disposal of asbestos;
• Emergency plans and evaluation of the risk of fires;
• Internal and external environmental: assessment of noise, chemical risk assessment through environmental assessment etc;
• Training and information about general and specific business risks (emergency room, fire prevention, manual handling of loads, lift trucks use, etc.);
• Help in enrolling in the National Packing Consortium (CONAI);
• Help in enrolling in the National Registry of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Producers and adhesion to the related Consortium;
• Information and documentation about the European and national legislation;
• Assuming office of occupational doctor with the support of the necessary structure to make health surveillance;
• Expert advice and assistance for the implementation of Environmental Management Systems in compliance with ISO 14001;
• Expert advice and assistance for the implementation of Security Certification Systems in compliance with OHSAS 18001.
Security Managers: 
Surveyor Nicola Ercolani
tel. 0549 873913
mobile 335 7344550
Dr. Giorgia Pecci   
 tel. 0549 873915
mobile 335 8493166
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